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I've been a fan of Aimee Mann for 11 years and a fan of Fiona Apple for almost as long. I don't really feel the need to promote Fiona Apple's music on here, as a lot of Mann fans are also Apple fans and promotion is annoying ( :P )... however..

Today I found a picture of the two talking, on the Fiona fan forum.. and I did not know they even met! This makes me happy, so I wanted to share it!

This picture was taken 6 years ago on July 18, 2006, at an event called "Revenge of the Book Eaters."

For more information, click here. It has to be a cache; otherwise it is only viewable to members unfortunately.

It is sad, but the fact that my 2 favorite songwriters met and had a nice conversation makes me happy!

P.S. Aimee Mann's new album, Charmer, will be released September 18. Thank you wytchcroft!
Aimee Mann

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This community hasn't been updated in forever.  But I felt like posting this!

Aimee Mann Collaborating with James Mercer of The Shins
By Jeff Cazanov

At Back Page Magazine, any news about Aimee Mann is worth spreading around.  She wants to talk about what she ate for lunch…?  Fine.  We’ll print photos of it.

Well, there is some news:   At her twitter/facebook she’s begun talking about a new album that she’s working on.  Apparently recording is almost finished, and on the last day she sung a duet with James Mercer from The Shins…which is a  LOT more interesting to us than say… lentil salad in a balsamic vinaigrette.

Producer Paul Bryan, Aimee Mann, James Mercer

For those of us who want new Aimee Mann music now, however, there actually is something, and it comes with a little story.  Aimee posted this:

“One of the songs was written with @timheidecker and his partner Davin Wood!” 

Which drew this response from comedian Todd Barry (you’ll remember him from Flight of the Conchords):

“Yo @aimeemann. Hear you’re recording @timheidecker
song. BIG mistake. I’ll whip up something better &  fax it to you

Tried to x-post to aimeemannfans, but they have to approve posts now(?)
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Aimee Mann live in Boulder

I saw Aimee Mann last night, at the Chataqua Mountain in Boulder, CO.

It was amazing.

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had a bit of trouble with the photos (they wouldn't let me use flash, and I was far away.)

The setlist was:

The Great Beyond
Save Me
Wise Up

Medicine Wheel
4th of July
You're With Stupid Now
Goodbye Caroline
One- from the Magnolia soundtrack
Little Tornado
Borrowing Time
How Am I Different
Today's The Day

That's really all. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice hearing 4th of July, after such a long time of not hearing that song live. It was also cool hearing her new songs. She did a very jaunty performance of "Borrowing Time," and a powerful performance of "Little Tornado." My boyfriend loved her as well.

Thanks for reading. Let's keep this community alive!

a request

i'm on the hunt for aimee mann's cover songs and i was wondering if anyone could help me out my uploading them... it would be much appreciated!
[x] baby blue
[x] nobody does it better
[x] river
[x] reason to believe
[x] two of us
[x] lucy in the sky with diamonds
[x] what the world needs now
[x] the scientist
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i was just thinking...

i was thinking about Aimee's albums recently...
i really think Lost in Space is the quintessential album.. especially when comparing with my other favorite artists Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. it's the one i can listen to at the same time as their music. and i just love how metaphorical it is..
especially when i'm trying to get other people (non-fans) into Aimee, this is the album i recommend. though i really should recommend them all..but as an album to start with

also, i'm speaking of the quintessential album for a non-fan.. is this the album you'd recommend?

what do you guys think?

xx Halli